Saturday, 20 March 2010


I came to Uganda to film the 9th episode of The World Wild Vet. What a country! totally undiscovered. if you want wildlife and feel that Kenya and Tanzania is overrun with tourists, then this is the place!

Filming the railway line. Kampala

Filming at Ngamba Island at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Luke Gamble and Rambo, a chimpanzee rescued from the pet trade

A video still from my little camera just before it was snatched out of my hands by a very curious chimpanzee...

...who managed to take a photo of himself before smashing my camera to pieces. One of the rangers offered the chimpanzee a banana in exchange and he fell for it, thankfully.

When filming with apes and monkeys its very important that you protect them from possible flu or colds that you can transmit to them.

From L to R Nathan, Marc, Luke and Myself

A shattered crew leaving Ngamba Island over Lake Victoria.

Aerial filming on Rupert Everett's brothers chopper

David the cineflex operator

David and the cineflex kit

Directing the aerials

Aerial of Kampala

Aerial of a village

Filming at the rhino sanctuary

Great Health and Safety!!

Elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Absolutely stunning!


A major road accident which meant that we had to make a 4 hour diversion, adding our 9 hour drive to reach Bwindi

Filming Luke driving through the park

Bwindi. In the horizon is the Congo and Rwanda.

Kids in a banana plantation.

Our porters took care of our filming equipment as we go trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Filming Luke trekking.

Filming during our 5km killer hike!

Close to the gorillas

Filming Luke doing the most amazing piece to camera which will be used as the last shot of his ten part series.

The rangers who protect the gorillas from poachers

A weary foursome after our amazing 10 km trek.

Showing off my footage!