Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I directed, filmed and edited 5 videos for LG and the launch of their new mobile phone, the Renoir.
The budget was low I decided to go for the Sony EX1 with the Letus adaptor and a range of Nikon Prime SLR lenses to get that "short depth of field" look that you only ever get with film cameras or with the more expensive P+S technik.
It was the first time I had used this set up, I had seen and read so much about it, so I decided to give it a go. I always had my reservations about shooting tapeless and shooting with a 1/3" camera, but I was mightily surprised by the results and despite it being fiddly especially when filming off the cuff, it was really good fun to work with. The workflow was brilliant, to slip the card into your laptop and drop the video files onto your hard drive for instant editing is a dream, but it still doesn't solve the problem of where to store the files when the job is finished.

Music is by

Nathan Gallagher is a pro winter sports photographer ( and does a great job as a presenter, showing us the workings of the new LG phone

Ben Radford is a football photographer I have known for over 10 years. I used to film (many moons ago) football stories around the world for Futbol Mundial and Trans World of Sport and would bump into Ben in various exotic locations and tournaments.
Publicis, the advertising agency, asked if I knew any football photographers that could add some weight to the campaign, so I gave them a couple of numbers of who I thought could do it and Ben was chosen.
The original idea was to film Ben inside a stadium during a game but the Premier League don't allow anybody, apart from the rights holders and possibly a lot of cash, to film during a match day, which meant being a bit more creative.
The other problem was which football club and what stadium to film outside of. It was between Arsenal and Fulham. Arsenal, I think, have a mobile phone sponsorship with LG and Fulham have a club and shirt sponsorship.
It was decided that Fulham was the best option.
We filmed outside their stadium on a saturday during their home game against Newcastle Utd and then came back a couple of nights later to film inside the ground. We payed 10 extras to "dress up" as Fulham fans for a bit of atmosphere.
Everything had to filmed quite tight and low, so as not to show any empty stands.
Fimed with the EX1 with Letus and various Nikon prime lenses.